Retail Store

Retail staff, entrance.JPGMonday through Saturday, 8:30am to 6:00pm

Our store is over 2500 m² under glass, and is basically an extension of our greenhouse so that we can carry our plants straight out of their growing habitat and straight into your hands, ensuring you take home the freshest, healthiest plants possible. We take care in how we grow our plants so that they not only look great in our store, but will perform beautifully in your garden.

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Most of the annuals you see in our store come out of our greenhouse. We grow specialty crops such as hardy Bananas and Hibiscus Luna so that you can spice up your garden, but we also carry the tried and true items that you always need, such as Geraniums, basketstuffers, bedding annuals and hanging baskets.

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We also bring in a wide array of plants from other greenhouses and nurseries to supplement what we grow so that we can be your one-stop garden shop. So whether it’s shrubs, store3.jpgtrees, perennials, annuals, houseplants or fresh cut flowers, we’ve got them in store for you!  One of the specialty lines we have in our store is Heritage Perennials, instantly recognizable by their famous blue pots.  Heritage Perennials is a premium line of herbaceous perennials carefully selected and grown to prosper in your garden, and includes the popular Jeepers Creepers line of groundcovers and low-growing plants and Rock Stars line of dwarf-habit plants ideal for rock gardens.  We prefer to source locally, and that includes our huge array of roses which are brought in from Adamson’s Heritage Nursery Ltd in Langley.  These roses are grown from cutting which makes for a longer-lived plant with greater quality and colour consistency.

We not only extend our efforts to source the best selection of plants possible, we bring that same dedication when it comes to offering our customers the other necessities of gardening, such as soil, tools, pots, and garden accessories.  Whether it’s gloves, tools and ceramics sourced from locally-based companies, or the line of sleek, modern Elho pots and saucers brought in all the way from Holland, we try to cover all the bases so Devan can be your one-stop garden shop!  Plus we offer you the same soil substrate from Pindstrup we use for our own plantings so that you can achieve the same professional results.

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If you are looking for a specific plant that you cannot find in-store, please feel free to talk to an associate in our store or contact us, and we will try our best to assist you. We like to go the extra mile to offer our customers an enjoyable experience at our store. We always have knowledgeable staff on hand to assist with any questions you may have. We open late during the Spring season (see below for hours of operation) to accommodate your busy schedule.  And we offer gourmet coffee/tea/hot chocolate to keep you fueled during your plant hunt! Plus we now accept special orders whenever we can accommodate the request — please talk to a retail associate for further details.

storeBeing a family business, we encourage you to make your visit a family event, and we warmly welcome children to visit our store with their parents. We invite you to visit our petting zoo with your little ones, where we bring in new baby lambs, goats, rabbits, golden pheasants, chickens and ducks every Spring.  And we are proud to offer free-range brown eggs collected daily from our chickens which are organically fed. We also have an indoor activity area where your children can play with interactive computer games.

Come and visit us soon to see for your self all that Devan has to offer!