propagation1.jpgFor many years Devan Greenhouses has propagated vegetative cuttings from its own mother plants as well as from offshore sources for its own finished production.  For a decade our were offered our young plant program to other growers through brokers. Today we offer our high quality unrooted cuttings and plugs directly to growers.  Simply contact us to find out more information.

propagation3.jpgWe offer an extensive list of basketstuffer varieties as unrooted cuttings or rooted plugs in 104 or 50- logi-pot trays. Alongside our sizeable listing of non-patented material such as Fuchsias, Ipomoea, Heliotrope, Thunbergia and Solanum of which we carry mother stock, we list a wide selection of patented material from Danziger and Pac Elsner, including unique varieties such as Lobularia® and Petunia Crazytunia®. We also offer Geraniums and Herbs in 50 tray plugs.  For growers wanting to forego the headaches and costs of starting crops from plugs, we also offer an extensive pre-finished program, encompassing many crops including 2.5″ Dracaena,  4″ Geraniums, 4″ Osteospermum, 4″ Pericallis, 4″ Canna Lilies, 12″ Fuchsia baskets, 12″ Mixed baskets and much more.  Please contact us if you are interested in receiving either our weekly availability of unrooted cuttings and liners or our bimonthly availability of pre-finished crops.

We start new, clean stock plants every summer and maintain them throughout the propagation season to ensure we derive the highest quality cuttings possible. Every week we fertilize our stock plants with liquid kelp, a biological substance that fosters healthy plant growth. Furthermore, we physically check our plant stock weekly for pests and disease.

propagation2.jpgUsing sticky cards to monitor pest populations and relying on historical records, we derive what measures need to be taken to keep our stock plants in top form. When it comes time to harvest, we ensure cuttings are properly stored at cool temperatures before shipping or sticking. We run our propagation zones warm and humid and use grow lights to promote strong root growth on our plugs. Only when our plugs are well-rooted do we take then outside into a designated ½ acre area that is run cooler to harden them off before shipping. Our plugs get treated with a preventative fungicidal drench, and most varieties are grown for 6 weeks and pinched to create full, bushy plants.

propagationWhen it comes time to ship our plugs and unrooted cuttings, we take steps to ensure the plants arrive to the end customer in the best possible condition. Unrooted cutting orders are shipped the same day they are cut and are couriered to arrive at the customer’s doorstep no later than 1 day after cutting. Plus each box of unrooted cuttings receives an Ethylene Control Power Pellet sachet to reduce ethylene damage and to keep the cuttings as fresh as possible. Our plugs are treated with a preventative fungicidal spray before shipping to reduce the risk of mold developping during transit. They get shipped in a Fed-Ex approved boxed that has been tested to endure the physical demands of air and truck shipping.

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